The office was founded in 2006 by architect Gili Tenenboim Graduate of school of architecture “The Sadna” in Tel Aviv. Graduate of school of architecture” Pratt Institute” NYC. Graduate final project in architecture in “Berzalel”, Jerusalem. Completed studies in architecture in 1998, and since working as an architect. Began independent architecture practice after many years specializing in planning in the architecture office of Yaski Moore Sivan. During my tenure in this architecture office, I planned the building “Discount Bank” in Yehuda Halevi Street in Tel Aviv, an office building of 31 floors. Since inception of the private architecture practice, this office works with many and varied projects. The variety of projects in the office, enable us much interest in our work. Every project begins with a thorough investigation, about possible plans, about existing solutions, and about the needs of the client. Each project is a new world, an exciting investigation for finding creative solutions. In terms of interior design, the office specializes in the field of hotels, in interior design of lobbies in residential/office buildings, and interior design of apartments and houses. The interior design is characterized by clean architecture with central elements which give the power to the design. Our interior design, have a great use of materials, textures, and scale which enriches the projects.  In the residential field, the office works on projects for luxury residential buildings in Tel Aviv and also in houses. The office integrates new materials and advanced building techniques. The structures’ design and planning fit the audience and also to the urban texture.In all the projects, there is a lot of attention given to consolidating the program with the client, exploration of the many planning options, selection of the best and preferred design which can be created for the project. There is attention to the highest level of quality. Similarly, there is great emphasis on highly detailed plans and on quality control in production. Among our clients: Gindi Holdings, Isrotel Hotel, Azorim,Eshkol, Zituni Gindi, Azrieli,  Itzhak Offer, Capital . group,.Bonei Ha Tichone, Guy and Doron Levi, Sharit Agency ltd., Nov Holdings. photographers:  Noa Shtrichman, Asaf Pinchuk, Omri Amsalem, Shay Epshtein, Daniel chkelov, Lior Titler, Nitzan Hafner. Furniture: I D Design